I first discovered a love for art in my teens at secondary school. I took A Level art, but after my exams I promptly returned to my first love, which was music.

As a classically trained harpist, pianist and percussionist, my musical journey shifted my focus away from the pure joy of ‘play’, and into the realms of technique, perfection, and performance. My studies were intense, but a career in the classical world was not meant to be.

For the past twenty-three years I have been a traveling musician; performing with some incredible artists all over the world.

I still perform, and have been a proud member of Sir Rod Stewart’s band for the past decade.


Early in 2021, I felt a gentle urge to pick up paper and pencil, and begin to draw. This urge grew stronger, and my pads began to fill with colour, shape and energy. I quickly evolved as an artist – it became more about a need to do these paintings for me, not just a joy.

My creativity, which I attribute to the growing awareness of Source energy in my life, continues to expand as I explore this aspect of myself.

When I am painting, I seem to disappear.  I lose my sense of self, but at the same time, connect with something that is calm, pure, and of the moment.

 I am drawn to roses because they fascinate me.

What I love about them is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies; they have a quiet yet powerful strength. Supported by resilient stems, protected by thorns, whilst also being delicate, dewy and voluptuous.

I feel that we are at a crucial point in our spiritual evolution as a species.  We each carry both masculine and feminine within us. We each need both in order to be balanced and whole.
I've found deep solace in roses; they reflect this equanimity with grace and beauty.

 When I began painting them, I didn’t know that they have the highest vibration of any plant on Earth.


I infuse all my pieces with love. As I paint, I deliberately work as a channel for Divine love, light and intelligence.


My passion as an artist is to create pieces which simultaneously fascinate and soothe. Pieces which radiate the force of love and creativity which binds the Universe together.

 Thank-you for visiting my site!

Julia ✨

'Julia has mastered a dimension that pulls the viewer in for deep contemplation. Her Profusions and Centres are like mandalas. The eye moves around, constantly seeking and discovering...'  - Melissa Piper, Getty Museum, LA

'Julia incorporates the elements and principles of both art and design in a way that is simply off the charts' 
Steven Hanna - sculptor, jewelry designer,  owner, head designer and curator at Accents, Santa Monica.

'Julia's paintings are timeless and classic....softly feminine, yet bold and dynamic, not unlike the flowers themselves'  N.Johnson


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