Original Pastel on Paper 18 x 24 SOLD

Lionsgate, August 2021.
This was a powerful energy portal.
I felt it strongly, and this painting was coming together as it was happening.

My first adventure into the centre of a flower in this much detail.

I did decide to limit my palette a bit in this one - I wanted to create a piece that was light and airy, but I still couldn't resist those wonderful dark moments of contrast in the shadow.

For me, the excitement lies in the contrast. I think this is true of life too.
I loved the abstract nature of this piece too. Yes, it's the centre of a rose, but it's also a journey into, and out of, a portal, a spiral.

Every single one of my original paintings has been professionally digitally scanned to create high quality prints.

If you would like to purchase a print that is of a larger, or more bespoke size, please contact me directly.