Momentary lapse of reason

Original Painting
Soft Pastel on Paper 18 x 24

A gorgeous picture of a white rose that had been treated with Sepia tones was my inspiration for this flower.

This one fascinated me as I was working on it. I painted on the floor, and had to keep standing up to make sense of what I was working on.
This is something that all artists do - we check our perspectives constantly, moving back and forth, towards the painting as we work, and away when we want to gain a fresh look and see if everything is coherent from a viewer's standpoint.

There is little madness to this one - and I absolutely LOVE how it becomes more and more abstract the closer you view it. Thanks to the high PPI, you can zoom in incredibly close, and almost feel the texture of pastel on paper.

Every single one of my original paintings has been professionally digitally scanned to create high quality prints.
If you should choose to buy one, you can be sure it is going to be a beautiful, vivid representation of my original work.

If you would like to purchase a print that is of a larger, or more bespoke size, please contact me directly.